The Bureau Veritas OLB (Timber Origin and Legality ) certificate describes the requirements to fulfill in order to comply with legal requirements in regards to forest management and logging activities, people employment, security, environment impact.


The PEFC Certification (Programme for the Endorsemente of Forest Certification), confirms that the raw materials come from forests whose landowners undertake to comply with responsible forest management rules defined at an international, national and regional level.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) rules, monitor forest holdings and make sure that the land is used with a regeneration spirit. The certificate of the Chain of Custody and that of the FSC certified plywoods, provides a sufficient guarantee that the products are in line with the FSC certification rules.


The CE marking, according to the Regulation on Construction Products (Reglamento de Productos de Construcción (R.P.C.)) certifies that the products meet seven compulsory requirements:
– Mechanical strength and stability
– Safety in the event of a fire
– Health, hygiene and the environment
– Safety of use
– Protection against noise
– Energy economy and thermal insulation

– Sustainable use of natural resources


Standard BS-1088, specifies the requirements for MARINE plywood, used in boat building and in maritime/inland waterways applications..


Known as brand steering wheel, this Certificate of Conformity with the Marine Equipment Directive, certifies the quality of production applied for control of manufacture, and safety in the operation of differents equipments fitted on board ships European Union.