Our business philosophy is based on the quality and reliability of your service

From its very founding. Tableros Folgado S.A. in 1945 has been working very hard on providing the market with the two key features on wich its business philosophy is based: rigorous quality standars and the most absolute service reliability. Quality and service enabled Tableros Folgado S.A. to remain one of the leading companies in the sector along so many years.

Innovation and new products are also key factors in the company. By the end of the 1980s, the company specializes in the manufacture of new materials such as waterproof and fire resisting boards and acustic insulation products. This product differentiation led the Valencian company to significantly increase its production volume and reach, not only the traditional European and American markets, but also Eastern Europe, Middle East and Latin America.


A continuing process

Market globalisation has led Tableros Folgado to commit itself to internationalisation and seek to project the company’s economic and commercial activities further afield and towards a wider audience.

Thanks to these expansion efforts, our products have managed to win over not only European and North American markets, but also Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.